Hello, new and old veggiehead! My name is Ethel Clea Tabada and I am in my third year of high-school. Let me note to you that I am not a vegan myself, and I love eating anything in general. I’ve been an athletic swimmer for about 6 years, and fitness was my number way to go with things- stress, happiness, etc. Whenever I get out of practice, I always munch on the most unhealthy junk you can think of, and whenever I get home, I’m always looking forward to my mom’s dinner.

Yes I do love animals, and yes I do care about them. I love to cook, and I love experimenting new courses for my family to try out. But most of my meals that I make contains animals. We live in a society where everyone just follows by the food chain, and enjoy their well being. I notice how there’s barely any choices vegans can select whenever they eat a meal.
Is there ever any other vegan dishes on a restaurant’s menu other than a vegan burger or a salad? I’m here to show how it’s possible that there are different varieties of healthy meals without them tasting too boring. This blog is dedicated to those who are animal-free eaters or people who want to choose the healthier side of their diet; Respect your veg-inity!


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